About us

Our Mission
We aim to create a new category in application monitoring, observability, and user analytics, shaping the future of agentic workflows and next-gen application intelligence.

About InfraStack AI
Our journey began through firsthand experience with the challenges of managing development teams, compounded by the lack of sophisticated tools necessary to effectively identify and address the complexities inherent in modern application stacks. This journey has shaped our mission: to pioneer a new epoch in application intelligence.

Our vision is to replace outdated monitoring systems with a next-generation application intelligence platform. This platform empowers developers with deep insights, helping them quickly find and fix issues, innovate faster, and strengthen system reliability. At the heart of this change is artificial intelligence, making application development smarter and more efficient.

Meet our team

Aykut Gedik - Founder
Frank Kuehnel - Data Science Advisor
Delly Tamer - Operations Advisor

Where we work from

We are located in Fort Mason, a stone’s throw from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Fort Mason
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